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What is the best plan and phone for a senior in Canada?

I think I just want to phone people and know about the Rogers Senior Plan for $15.00 a month. Does any other company offer an equivalent which includes texting?

    james fraser_56062

    I have a $15 monthly plan which suits me perfectly but I need a new
    Phone,I understand Doro is not available anymore,is there
    a similar phone available for senors?


    phone only....Canada wide ......low use,,,mainly emergency


    RBC has a phone plan and the Doro phone for seniors...they have a promo on right now

    Is there a senior cell plan for Canada?

    is there a simple talk only phone plan for seniours no texing

    Your name_3477

    I don't use a lot of time on my cell phone,but need to talk lond distance often when I do. I am paying 28.00 amonth for my service ,but this does not include long distance.

    You can go for SOLO as well - Its 15.00 per month - gives you 50 minutes and 50 text messages

    Fido answers

    Rogers offer a senior plan with a Phone that suit the best for senior it offers 50 mins a month and phone future emergency fonction!

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