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Where to buy battery for Doro PhoneEasy 618?

What is the battery part number. I want to get a back up battery, but, paying Consumer Cellular $25.00 for one is over priced. Where else can I buy one?

BestBattery in the UK sells batteries for this phone :

antonie hansen
antonie hansen

where buy battery 1 eee-std-1725

The current price of the Doro618 battery from Consumer Cellular is $14.95.
That's really not a high price.

Hi Ron, the battery part number is usually found on the battery itself, as one of the numbers typically printed on a battery's exterior.

And while we agree that the price you got quoted for a back up battery from Consumer Cellular is quite expensive, it seems like you might have no other choice. eBay and Amazon, two of the most common places to find spare batteries for phones, both serve up nothing in terms of Doro PhoneEasy 618 battery listings.

For now, you can try doing a more general search via search engines like Google until you find what you're looking for. Hope this helps!

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