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What is the app "my extras" for on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?

The app "My Extra's" I don't know what it is and when I try to go in it, it's nothing, nothing comes up?

It's on my Alcatel Android phone as well, with nothing in it, nors does anything get directed to it.

I am wondering if its okay to delete it from Settings.

wasted space

I recently purchased the samsung galaxy grand prime smart phone from straight talk but i havent figured out what the "my extras" app is for. I've seen it available on my phone since I first turned it on but whenever I tap it all that happens is a pop up appears saying "welcome, check out our specially recommended app's so you can further enjoy our service". Can anyone tell me what this app is for? I thought it might be a separate place to store downloads from "galaxy apps" but I downloaded milk from galaxy apps and it doesn't appear in "my extras" it has its own shortcut like any other app. Please somebody, help me understand this app!

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