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What does "World phone" mean?

I want to buy a phone in Canada that can also be used in the UK.
I am interested in any of the LG Nexus 4, LG Optimus G or the Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. Will all of these phones work cell phone service providers in both Canada and the the UK ?

Hi Armand. All three phones you chose are world phones. To be considered a world phone It must be a tri-band or quad-band phone. These kind of phones have the following frequencies:

- 850 (US, Canada, parts of South America)
- 900 (Most of world, except US)
- 1800 (Most of world, except US)
- 1900 (US, Canada, parts of South America)

If you have a phone with these 4 frequencies, you can take this phone with you as you travel and it will be able to send and receive voice and text signals.

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