What does 'contacts have stopped' mean on my Kyocera phone?

What does it mean when the Kyocera model says the contacts have stopped?

Try this:
NOTE: Make sure you backup your contacts first before doing this

1. Clear Cache and Data

Try clearing the temporary storage area of your Contacts using these steps:
Go to Settings > Proceed to Application Manager > Select the All tab > Choose Contacts > Tap Clear Cache

Selecting Clear Data is optional since this will erase all the changes that you have made to some of your Phone app’s settings but it may solve the problem based on some users who have tried it.

Go back to the previous menu and choose Phone > Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data

2. Change Date Format
Go to Settings > Date & time > Change time format to 24hours.

3. Delete recently installed apps
Start your phone to safe mode, observe if the problem occurs. If not, then the problem is probably because of one of the apps you recently installed. Uninstall it.

4. Factory Reset
This is your last resort if the problem keeps showing up. But before doing so, if you have Google+ app, disable it and see if problem shows up again.

What can I do? My phone keeps flashing unfortunately contacts has stopped

Hi there! Which Kyocera phone are you using?

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