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What are the requirements to get a Mobilicty phone and plan?

Make sure you read the fine print should you wish to return your phone. The calls made are rounded off to the nearest minute (per minute billing) that is in the case of the 1st 30 minutes u get while u try out the service. Do your research on the phone as some phones (eg Huawei) are really crappy. When purchasing a Blackberry be advised that Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) is not optional with a data plan. Find out if it's included or needs to be added on. Dont forget to take photo ID with you. Because there is no contract or tab, you will need to pay for the price of the phone as advertised online or in store. You will be paying for the phone and your 1st bill when you are checking out (plus tax).

There is no requirements or credit check. All you need is a phone that will work on their network. If you're bringing a third party phone make sure it's unlocked. When you already have a phone, you can now choose the plan that work best for you.

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