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Has anyone experienced the same problem with their Kyocera phones?

When i turn my phone on i get a picture of a computer with an arrow pointing to a cell phone, and none of the other button s work. The phone does not work at all now. Any idea of what's going on?

I had a strange problem with the Kyocera QCP2035 when I went out of state. When I turned the phone on, it would automatically shut off, but before it did, the following code would appear on screen....PRL. C 4809
Does anyone know what this means? When we got back to Florida, the phone began working again. I also had a Nokia with me at the same time and it worked fine. Both phones are with the same provider. Has anyone had this happen to them?

Which phone?
I've seen that problem before. For me it meant having to load software.
Take it in to Kyocera and they'll help. They were very friendly and helpful for me.
Verizon is clueless.

I would never buy a Kyocera phone. They are cheap. Stick to Nokia, Motorola and Samsung. Those are the only companies that know how to make fairly decent cell phones.

I have the same problem with my kyocera slider phone. I do not know what the computer the arrowo and the phone are suppose to indicate. I called verizon and they could not help me. It is very frusterating now I have to go and purchase a new phone. No wonder the phone is discontinued.

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