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How to share contacts on the ZTE Majesty?

Want to share contacts with wife's zte majesty. We both have the ZTE Majesty phone

David, The answer was very helpful. I have successfully transferred contacts to wife's phone.

Hello, you can share contacts easily between two ZTE Majesty phones by using Bluetooth.

First, go to Settings and toggle the switch to turn on Bluetooth. As soon as it says On, tap the word Bluetooth and then tap the Bluetooth name of your phone as it is specified on the screen to make it visible to other Bluetooth-enabled devices in the immediate vicinity. Do this for both phones before proceeding to the next step.

Now, with Bluetooth active, go to your phone's People app (or Contacts). To quickly share all the contacts that you want, press the menu/options button on your phone and select Share visible contacts. This will allow you to mark all the contacts that you would like to share. When you're done marking all of them, press OK near the top right corner of the screen and choose Bluetooth among the share options that pop up.

Upon choosing Bluetooth for the share method, you will get an option to Scan for devices to send the contacts to. Wait for the name of the other ZTE Majesty phone to show up on the list of scanned devices and select it. Using the other phone, accept the incoming file to initiate Bluetooth sharing.

Try this and let us know if it works or if you have any problems!

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