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How can you download wallpapers on the Kyocera Blade?

Hi! I figured out how to make and download my own ringtones (yay! :D) with my new KE424C, using the phone's web browser, but I haven't found anything about wallpapers :( Can anyone here help me? I tried .bmp .jpg .gif .png but none worked :(

Must it be uploaded in binary or ascii format? I don't know, but I think pictures and other files are not uploaded the same way on a ftp server...

you can make your own wallpapers on the doodle program in the games section
i just got rid of that phone and got an LG535 because my kyocera turned to shit. ( i had it for 2 years on contract)

The screen size doesn't matter to me.. It's always better than buying the craps from Telus website.

i just had that phone and i found that too but you see you shouldent buy wallpapers for that phone because the screen is too small but trust me ive tried and tried

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