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Where is the volume control on the Motorola WX416?

irving russo
irving russo

were is volume control on moto wx416

Where is the volume control on MOTO WX416?

Dial the call first and wait for it to ring.

Then hit the up arrow/up navigation button.

Volume will displayed with 5 horizontal bars.

Up or down navigation button.

Voila! Volume changed.

The question is how to up the volume so I can hear on this annoying phone. Where or where have they put the volume control? On the booklet I got with the phone it shows that you adjust it on the side but there is not a thing on the side of my phone. What evil Motorola genius designed this phone?

For Music and Radio, just press Up or Down on the navigation buttons to adjust the volume. To adjust volume for ringtones and notifications, go to Menu> Settings > User Profiles. Choose a profile. Press Options > Customize to edit a profile. You should find the option to adjust the volume there.

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