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What can I do if Virgin Mobile bills me for the 14-day trial?

I signed up to Virgin mobile for to try them out using my own unlocked phone. Before signing up, I specifically asked the sales rep if I could port my number in during the trial. He confirmed that if I was not happy within the 14 days I could port my number out and it would be considered cancelled and I would incur no charges. Will on day 13 I decided to cancel because I was not happy with the LTE speeds on my 4G device and also had bad reception in my underground parking spot which suprisingly worked fine when I was with Mobilicity. I went to the store and they said you can just sign up somewhere else and when your number gets ported out, it would be considered cancelled. I did this and now a month later I receive a bill that states I owe money for the month. I call up their support and was told I had to call to cancel and that porting out my number is not allowed for the 14 day trial. This is contrary to what the store reps told me. I also don't see this stipulation on the sales contract. WHat recourse do I have in this situation? Thanks in advance!

14 day trial
14 day trial

I just wanted to add that their cutomer service said I had to call in and cancel and thus lose my cell my number in order to qualify for the free 14 day trial. By porting my number out I voided this 14 day trial and therfore must pay for 1 month use. I did call 3 days after signing up to give them 30 days notice in case I didn't like the service with the option to cancel this 30 day notice if I decided to stay.

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