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What can you say about Virgin Mobile?

Virgin mobile isnt really that big of a company. I was wondering if other people have tried it. I dont want to purchase their phone and find out its shit. Plus where do you buy their phone cards.. can u only get them at their retail partners!? Im normally always driving between hamilton and peterborough, and I need a phone that will work well between those areas. what are your opinions.??

Brenda Robinson
Brenda Robinson

By far the best customer service I have ever had!!! Way to go Virgin. How do you hire such great people?

I personally sell virgin mobile at a store, going to virgin mobile is like gambling you either get lucky and get excellent service and never have to call customer service, or you face countless wasted hours with them, we have a dealer line for customer service and even that sucks, my insider opinion : virgin mobile is great for talking and texting but never rely on its internet connection also always save your recepits and top up cards, some times the service will get shut off out of no where and you have to prove you paid for your service also be prepared for a fight with countless customer service people until you get lucky

I Really hate to vent.. but I had the absolute worst time with Virgin. I had such a hard time getting good customer service on the phone. I found myself paying fifty dollars more a month for my contract and it was just outrageous! I use my phone pretty often but not an excessive amount. My friend suggested I check out a prepaid phone called TracFone and it was literally spectacular. I was able to keep my nokia phone but the contract WAS A BILLION TIMES CHEAPER! I was able to make a plan that completely fit my lifestyle and they even had family plans so we could mend it for the entire family. I bought this double minutes program for life which gave me so many minutes for 20 dollars. Anybody dealing with Virgin woes--- CHEck out TracFone.

Is the Nokia 2125i still available on the Virgin website in Canada? Is that the best way to get the best deal? Sorry, I've never bought a cell phone on line before.


I bought the Nokia 2125i almost 3 years ago now, and STILL LOVE IT. The one thing I did notice using other people's flip phones, is that you have to have the phone in the "right spot" on your ear to hear the best quality. flip phones seem to contour right into your ear. Other than that, you can't beat this phone for cost and features. No camera, etc...but it does have a nifty flashlight. Easy to text and Cheap, cheap, cheap. Virgin right now has the phone on for $39 on its website. And, they give you a $25 credit to boot. Then, if you get a referral prior to activation, they will give you an additional $10 credit. So, you are only out of pocket $4 plus paid taxes. NOT BAD!

I've had my 2125 for over two years now and haven't had any problems.
I only use it for emergencies, so it's fairly cheap insurance... I just top up $100 for the year and that seems to be good enough for me. As for customer service, I've actually expired my balance before renewing and called them up and two times they gave me all the money left over back even though it was my fault, that's great customer service if you ask me. anyway, they also changed their referral program and now you can keep referring up to 10 or 12 people each year.
If you want to save $10 before you activate your phone, email me at and I'll send you a referral code.

Virgin has new contract plans now. They're not hugely special in the price department, but they'll save you $10+/month over other carriers with plans offering the same features. Some people might like the fact that they can have their unlimited calling during business hours. Some people use their phone more in the day than at night, and their myTIME plans accomodate that.

Ya, I still like Virgin even though their prices have gone up a bit. No extra fees is wonderful. If you text, this is definitely the phone. .05 between Virgin customers. Free voice mail and caller display as well.

Daughter bought a Virgin phone a month ago, works great, good reception. Best part is there's no extra charges i.e., no 'system access fee' (another charge) noting but what you see. As well free voice mail as well as call display, I can't see how you can go wrong.
The only time I can see a problem cropping up is should the phone need repair, with Aliant at least they'll usually give you a loaner....Mike

Unfortunately I had some experience from Europe and 3 year contract with Bell here.So I did not check all info about Virgin.The material given at a retail store(red lea) does not give You all info,like top up expires after 45 days,text message cost is not shown fully and other pifalls.So I was rather surprised after purchasing phones,that the cost is not so great.Sorry folks here in Canada,in comparison to Europe we are all "gauged" here.
May be I will throu Virgin phones into garbage and will start again to look what is the best in all those bad ones in Canada,

I just purchased a Nokia 2125i with Virgin,and think its a great little phone,with internal antenna.Virgin uses the Bell network in Ontario,and I get exactly same reception quality as I would with Bell.I paid 70.00 for it,but got an extra 10.00 credit using a kickback code,and my time is good till March,only .25/min. with no monthly fee.Futureshop just had this phone on special for 40.00!

Anyways,if you are planning on buying a phone on Virgin Network,email me,and I will give you a Kickback Code,to get you 10.00 free airtime,just email me before you buy the phone, elmoee AT ntl dot sympatico dot ca. Cheers!

My issues with Virgin are two:
Audiovox 8610 has very bad reception indoors & none in the basement (at Avenue Rd & 401 in Toronto).
Top-up system seems a bit harsh - if you don't use your credits, you must top-up again before the expiry date by the amounts specified by Virgin. So, you could have $5 left and then be forced to top up with $15 for a total of $20. If you're not a big talker you end up paying them a lot more than the use of the phone warrants.

Who else has reception issues? I'm at


> top ups last 120 days with a $15 card

Unfortunately Virgin's top up policy is becoming worse due to SHORTER EXPIRY PERIODS.

As of june 12, 2006, the above no longer applies. Top ups made before then use the old rules. Same goes, (I think) for the old cards still sold at stores, which have about a year before they must be activated.

Virgin wrote back to me when I asked:

"For infrequent users, such as yourself, I'd recommend the new $100, 365 day expiry card we'll be launching on June 12, 2006. With this card the monthly cost to maintain your phone is only $8.22 - by far the best in the pre-paid industry. Plus, it also gives you the convenience of only having to top up your mobile once a year. If you prefer to top up with smaller amounts more frequently, our $25 cards (with a 90 day expiry) are a close second with a cost to maintain the phone of just $8.33 per month. Other mobile companies, on a $25 card, offer an expiry of only 60, 45, or 30 days. Also keep in mind that Virgin has no additional fees, 911 charges, or monthly system charges, and that all of our call features (such as voicemail, call display, etc.) are free of charge. "

Privacy policies aren't a big deal usually. But one may note that Virgin's policy, unlike a couple other companies, pretty much allows them to steal anything you transmit over their phones, other than voice: (Actually, you agree to licence it to them.)

"Any text, pictures, graphics, audio or video clips, software and any other information transmitted through or to the Services by you ("Content") will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary.[...] Virgin Mobile, its Suppliers and designees will be free to copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use the Content and all data, images, sounds, text, and other things embodied therein for any and all commercial or non commercial purposes. You agree to grant to Virgin Mobile a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license, with the right to sublicense, to reproduce, distribute, transmit, creative derivative works of, publicly display any Content submitted, transmitted or posted through or on the Services."

I am looking to buy a new cell phone and i need some advice ?? i want to buy the nokia 2125 a does anyone know any thing about them?? or if there are any other phones that you think are better feel free to email me at thanks

I found a rant earlier about Bell in Kamloops and I don't live there - my daughter does. At any rate - she bought a used phone that was digital/analogue from Telus - and went on pre-paid. Battery life - 4 hours. But I already knew what the problem was. That particular phone was a re-furbished one from Telus Alberta where at the time- Telus was all 1.8 gig. The problem in BC is that BCTel was all 800 mhz. And - as far as I know - Telus Kamloops still is. I wonder if Bell uses Telus in Kamloops. They use Telus towers everywhere else.

Unless you have a true tri-mode phone with both digital frequencies plus analogue (analogue is always on the 800 frequency) you will default to alalogue. Analogue uses 8 times the battery power of digital. And more when talking.

All Virgin phones - are tri-mode - start out looking for Bell towers - no luck - they go to telus. They all look for digital first - the analogue.

Samsung is a very rugged little phone - I love mine.

I'm on Telus - but my wife has a Virgin - uses it all over BC. You get exactly what you pay for - and the credit card top up is convenient. But - beware - if it is lost or stolen - it won't take long to rack up a big bill.

Virgin is great for those who do not talk too much with 3 pre-paid options. If you talk a little bit more, I highly recommend Solo Mobile. $20 cards last 45 days and $30 cards last 75 days. Plus, you have the option of going pre-paid, or if you happen to be a heavier talker, there is a monthly no contract option of $30 per month SAF & 911 fees included. This gives you 100 minutes plus unlimited evenings and weekends plus Caller Id, free texting and Unlimited Mobile Browser. Plus, a new Solo option is coming soon that gives more daytime minutes as well as earlier evenings at 7. Check it out.

This week Futurehop had a really good deal, but it ends today. They have the Nokia 2125 set (which is what I just bought) for $70 and it comes with the 'hot box' kit (phone mitten, and you get 4 downloads pics or tones as well as metal box...i guess you can use it a lunch box... the phone alone on the virgin mobile web page is $90 so you get $20 off plus some free accessories..

I 've just had the phone for a week and it's really good no problems so far. Really cheap rates and the top ups last 120 days with a $15 card !! can't beat that....
I also used Rick's referral and I got another $10 added to my top up (you get $10 when you buy it)

If you need a referral you'll get an extra $10 at startup, just email me at ' ebay_smrtek at hotmail dot com and I'll send you one as well.

So far so good and knock on wood over here. I have it already just over two weeks now. And it seems to be good. Just some things that I have to get used to like light weight of the cell phone. I have an older cell phone that it like a huge white brick with the rubber antenna on it. But other than that. Its been good and I like it a lot to keep it going over here.

I just got a Virgin Phone the NOkia 6015i an dhad it for only a day and it is awnsome.

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