Where to find vibrate option for SMS Messages on the Alcatel Pixi 4?

I have an Alcatel Pixi 4 4034x-2AOBGB2,i am getting to grips with it,i come from a tech background so it has humbled me slightly,silly things like not knowing how to answer the phone!?

My NEW issue is that for the life of me i CANNOT get it to vibrate for SMS messaging. I have tried Apps/settings/|Notifications...nothing.

I have tried Sound & Notifications...nothing.

It vibrates for calls,it seems i can ONLY have vibrate work on SMS IF i also mute/vibrate mode for calls too?

So my current option is leave SMS as a subtle bleep which i had with my old faithful Nokia but that is no good if i am listening to music as i go about my business and as such will always have to check manually to see if i have texts.

I appreciate all this technology but c'mon man,this stuff is childs play.

I simply cannot find ANYWHERE where i can enable vibrate JUST for SMS & Calls.

I have Googled ALL the obvious options,i really do not want to factory reset as its a pain but also i have already tried this.

Surely with today's technology there is SOME WAY to enable SMS Vibrate?

Most Google results just state people having issue turning OFF SMS Vibrate lol where as i want the opposite.

TL:DR- Help!

Go to Sound & Notifications again, make sure vibrate is enabled. Now go to Messages -> on the upper right side is the menu icon, tap it to open Settings.

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