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What can you say about Bell’s service in Vancouver?

Hi, I'm Tony

I don't see what's wrong with people knowing my first name since it will probably help identify my posts. Anyways, I'm currently looking into getting a cell phone some time in the near future and I've been doing quite a bit of research. I was wondering what are other people's opinion on Bell's reception here in Vancouver. The phone I'm looking at right now is Bell's Samsung A680, or something like that.

One thing that puzzles me is how my friends pester me about not going to Fido or Rogers as they have horrible reception. My friends told me to go with either Bell or Telus and I'm currently looking at Bell. On the net, I've noticed people complaining about Bell's reception and customer services, but my friend who is currently with Bell on a Sanyo 8100 isn't experiencing any of these problems and he's been with Bell for more than 2 years now. So, what is everyone else's opinion of Bell in the Lower Mainland.


I am having the same problem Im actually currently with fido and bell. Im trying to find out which one is better so far i have found out that with fido ppl on the other end of the phone are complaing about barely being able to hear(when i have meadeoker reception) me so I orderd a new ph from Fido havent got it yet (soon I hope) but Im thinking since ive dropped my phone a million times that the reception will get better with a new phone, and if it doesnt im sending it back. And Staying with bell
Now the phone I got from bell is the 10-4 walkie talkie phone, the phone its self isnt all that great but when I get 1 bar of recption I am still able to clearly communicate(no missed words on the other end of the convo) with the other person . But in some spots where I get reception with fido i dont get as much or any at all with bell unless im reciving a call? So go figure. Ill post something back on here when i get the new phone from Fido.

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