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What is the use of Auto Repeat and Shuffle on the Picture menu of the Motorola V300?

Does anyone know what the Auto Repeat and Shuffle features are? Mine r currently set on Off. It's after u go to the Camera Menu and then Pictures Setup, I'm not sure what those 2 do, can anyone help?

My v300 is something really special. I attached a feathered greek midget on the top of it who taked pictures and videotapes whoever I want. It also has a microwave and drives my car when i'm sleeping at the wheel. Take that Rogers.....

I have a V300 and I am quite happy with it save 1 thing: The smart button. I carry it in my pocket and if it touches something (keys, change etc.) hard enough to press the volume up/down button it will display the mode I am in (loud, soft, silent etc.). I use "viberate and ring". The next thing on the list is "silent". If it is displaying my mode of "vibe and ring" and the smart button gets pushed by my keys etc. it switches to "silent" and I miss calls. How can I disable the smart button?

my phones cam sux.. i mean iss like the sharpness iss abd.. nomatter wahh i do to the contrast or the brightness ti wont help the phone... arrgg this is really gettin to me

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