Why does the Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) heat up even while not using?

Using moto g 2nd gen for few months and the problem i am having with this phone is that its get heat up badly while browing net in chrome and not only that, it even heat up while not using it all..any suggestion will be appreciated..!?

In my moto g2 heating problem give me any suggestions to control this ..

i had this problem........after that i removed my samsung 16gb sd card from mobile......now mobile not getting heat.....but it getting heat while browsing.........

Guys i have using moto g2- it battery drains fast and not growing charing more than 67% it takes to complete 67% charing for nearly 4 hours....can solve my problem


Mobile very slow immediately not open application & full heat.plz all guys dont faken motoral branded

Suresh is actually right. I suggest freezing or force stopping rarely used apps, or better, uninstall them. I'm pretty sure you'll notice the difference after doing that.

Because of lot of Background Apps running even locked keypad, it will become hot or handset problem !!

The Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) does have a known heating issue. Contact Motorola or the shop you got it from to discuss what your options are to get your phone fixed.

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