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Hi everyone,

I've recently bought samsung galaxy ace 2 phone. And my question is regarding the usb storage and sd card storage. I searched the forum, but couldn't find solution to my problem.

In Galaxy Ace 2, GT-I8160, there are 3 kinds of storage being shown in the phone settings.
1. SD Card (the external sd card, which I've myself inserted in the phone and it is of 8GB)
2. USB Storage which is 1.2GB (which was built in storage I guess)
3. System Storage (which is also of about 1.1GB)

We know in android there are some apps which can be moved to SD Card, not all.

In other phones like my previous phone was HTC, in that phone when I moved an app to SD Card, it was moved to external SD card properly. But in samsung galaxy ace 2, whenever I move any app to SD card, it is moved to the usb storage, and not to the external sd card. And we know the usb storage of this phone is only 1.2GB. I want my apps (which are movable) to be moved to external sd card. What I've noticed, this phone is recognizing the usb storage as sd card.

Even if you go to settings - apps - Sd card, it'll show you the USB storage of 1.2GB, not the storage of my actual external SD card (8GB)

Why is this so? Why is this phone recognizing the usb storage as sd card storage. Why this phone is not recognizing my external sd card as the sd card storage?

michael brown

I have the same phone, what I did was:
-go into the main menu (where it shows all your apps)
-look for a yellow icon titled 'My Files'
-there will be 2 selections; sdcard & extsdcard
-sdcard is your device memory & ectsdcard is memory extend
-go into sdcard
-click the menu button and click move
-that is where you move over what ever you want to your extended memory

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