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Why won't PC detect my Samsung Galaxy Grand 2?

I am trying to connect my Grand 2 [SM-G7102] with my pc, but unfortunately, its not detecting my phone. And I don't even have a clue whether it happened because of me or not..
I've already tried several steps to solve my prob but none of them worked.
1. Rebooting the phone, clearing cache. (Didn't worked)
2. Uninstalled all its drivers from computer and reinstalling latest one's. (Tried old and new versions, none worked)
3. Installed Kies3 to check its discoverable or not. (Tries to discover but says not recognized)
4. Changing modes from mtp to ptp to adb. (Useless)
5. Cleaning off the pins and using its original data cable. (Switched several cables)

After these steps what I found out is that after fresh installed drivers it attempts to install its own driver which takes too long but after installing it does not get detected in my computer but rather it shows up in device manager with name "SAMSUNG_Android".
I believe its not pin broken issue as it is charging plus when i uninstalled all its drivers the device tries to reinstall its own driver taking 5 minutes but in end it shows "Installing SAMSUNG_Android" and closes.
So please help me out and suggest something .
Thanks in advance .

Try using a different USB cable and also try plugging it in in a different USB port.

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