How can I untap my cell phone?

my boyfriend tapped my phone

Mt cell phone us beunf rapped bt the cartel. How xan u secure my androud ohone immediately.

my 91 yr old mom is abused by her 50 yr old felon grandaughter. she took her cell away but says she doesnt remeber how to unblock or stop tapping and listening to me and my mother! she evil. shes abusive and she has feds tapping moms phone for sure since she is on probation so she wont use moms corldless she has 4 cell phones and hears the whole families conversations! att t said no blocks are on her phone so what the hell did she do to get all our conversations and how can she block me if telephone co says thee are no blocks/ this is killing my family

How to over come the Problem of Mobile Tapping

I have to taps on my Samsung cellphone and Iam trying to get them off. My cellphone is Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

I need help plz .if phone is tap here kids and woman night tell me I think my husband is cheating on me ...

how to untap your cell by a stalker

How can you untap a phone my husband phone is being tap by a crazy woman help please

How did you know your phone was tapped? That could be a serious crime. If you're sure that it's true, you tell your boyfriend to undo whatever it is he did with your phone. If he does not, make a police report. I'm sure that'll scare him. Let me know what happens.

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