How can you unlock a Nokia 2125i?

is this commonly know?

unfortunately virgin mobile and bell no longer support the nokia 2125i

Giles the Loner

I'm in Canada with Virgin Mobile. How do you get the number with *#06# on a Nokia 2125i, I don't see anything.

When I go to the url and select canada, virgin mobile it says....We currently do not have any unlocking services that are supported by your mobile phone.
Now what do I do????

Hi friend, you can unlock your Nokia 2125i mobile phone here .. You will also be able to get the unlock instructions for it there.

If you looking for a unlocking code means, get the code from .This site helps you to unlock your mobile easily..

Are you still looking to unlock your phone? PM me the IMEI of the phone (located usually on the back behind teh battery), or press *#06# and give me that number. I can find you unlock codes for nokia.


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