How to unlock Nokia 5130 XpressMusic if you forgot the security code?

Unlock my nokiae 5130c-2? i forget a security code

Enter rpstriction code kye Nokia 5130 xpress music

i forgot my code of nokia 5130c-2 expressmusic

i forget my nokia 5130c security code ,how can i open

Answer this question...plz sir forget secritry code nokia 5130.


Forgotten my security code of Nokia 5530 xpressmusic


Answer this question... I lost my security lock plg tell me answar.

Answer this question...How can i unlock security code on nokia 5130c-2

My nokia5310c-2was a security locked how will i unlock my phone
Pls help me so urgent

how do i unlock nokia 5130c xpress muzic pin cod lock

As I said above, I suggest that you take it to a cellphone technician. And by the way, please don't forget to bring proof of ownership.

for get my nokia 5130c-2 security code
pls tell me how to reset code

nokia 5130 xpress music security code unblock

I suggest you guys take it to a cellphone technician to help you reset the code.

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