What to do when Unimax phone Android keyboard (ASOP) has stopped?

My Unimax phone keeps saying "Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped. I can't text or receive texts. I have called the number several times. The mailbox is always full. I bought this phone for emergencies and text. The Unimax instruction booklet doesn't have instructions on how to fix this problem. PLEASE help! I'm a senior citizen and I need this phone to work. I really don't want to buy another phone. :( Please help.

“Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped”. That's a pretty common error it seems Sheila.  And..its not exclusive to Unimax. 

Your first option of course is to visit the retailer where you purchased the phone for some assistance, or contact UMX.

If you want to try and solve the problem on your own, you can try one of the following in the order they appear below. Hopefully one of them would work for you. Please remember, we are not an official support forum. This is a volunteer community forum. So...please try these solutions at your own risk. 

First Option: Restart your phone

Simply restart your phone. Reboot it. That is...power it off and back on again. Then check if the keyboard works again.


Second Option: Restart the keyboard

Just doing this might solve the issue. Go to the Settings menu > Scroll down to the Apps section > Open the Application Manager > Find the All option > Look for the app Android Keyboard (or similar) and tap on it > Tap on Force Stop > Exit. Now go back and see if your keyboard works.

Third Option: Update the software

Check if your phone's software has any pending updates. If there are any updates pending, make them. 

Go to Settings menu > Tap on About Device > Tap on Software / System update > Complete your update. Try your keyboard after the update is complete.

Fourth Option: Clear cache and data for the keyboard

You can delete your device cache. This doesn't delete everything but you will loose some personal settings.

Go to the Settings menu > Tap on Application Manager under the Apps section > Swipe to the All apps tab > Locate the keyboard app > Tap it > Tap Clear Cache > Tap Clear Data > Tap OK

Fifth Option: Full factory reset

Not ideal but you can fully restore your phone to its factory settings. We've heard this fixed the issue for many people on other Android phone's that have had this problem. If you do this, you'll want to make a full backup first.

Select the Applications tab > Select Settings > Select SD & phone storage > Select Factory data reset > Select Reset phone > Select Erase Everything.

Hopefully one of these helps you. Good luck and please let us know here in the community what worked for you if anything so we can help others who have this problem.

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