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How to fix "Unfortunatly the system UI has stopped" error on the XOLO A500s

I'm using xolo a500s mobile,
my mobile will be displaying same problem....
unfortunatly the system UI has stopped working

.......................pls help?

I have a yureka mobile. Last 5-7 days it always shows the message system ui not responding . and mobile was stop working 10 seconds. How can I resolve this problem.

sunil baranwal

I am using yureka mobile, but if any apps is running it always shows the message system ui, not responding. How can I resolve this problem?

sandip kumar
sandip kumar

Answer this question...
my lava iris350 mob often show"unfortunately, the process com.Android. system ui has stopped "
solution for this problem?

My HTC sensation z710e mob often show " unfortunately system UI stoped " solution for this problem?

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