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Why can't I connect HTC Desire 616 to a computer?

I cannot connect my HTC desire 616 with computer. I've tried all options and still i cannot connect my phone with computer using USB?

HTC website says to select "HTC Sync" option in phone while connecting to computer....But i dont see any "HTC sync" option in phone USB connections..........too bad

Well, that sucks. Anyway, there are 3rd party apps you can buy or download for free on Google Play that does what you're looking for.

I called upon the call center of HTC Middle East and shocked to know that this model's firmware/software does not support HTC Sync. Really pathetic to know that such a esteemed company limits its mid/low range devices from using HTC Sync. I have decided to sell this phone and go for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Shame on HTC

When connecting to a computer, when choosing USB computer connection, I suggest that you choose Media device (MTP) if that doesn't work, choose USB storage.

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