Shirley Klein

How to send text message on a Solo Mobile phone?

after creating a message I do not know how to send it.


I concur, ty for posting th is..

Creating and Sending Messages
1. From the Idle screen, press Ok > Messaging > Create Message.
2. Use the keypad to enter a message.
3. Review your message and press Send to.
4. Enter a phone number or email address in the Recipients field.
– or –
Press Options > Add Recipients and select one of the following:
• Recent recipients: to select a recipient from your Recent recipients list.
• Contacts: to select a recipient from your Contacts list (valid entries must have a wireless phone number or email address).
• Groups: to select a recipient from the Group list.
5. Press Send to send the message.

Shirley Klein

phone is Samsung. Model SGH-C414M

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