How to turn off auto play on gallery of my Samsung phone?

Recently, the videos in gallery app have been "autoplaying" and I find it really annoying. Is there some say to turn it off? When the gallery app had given me a pop up message saying that I could turn it off in settings, however, after looking, there is no option. Please help me!

That doesn't solve the problem. Pausing and restarting the video in gallery opens Samsung video player which is a separate app. Hitting the 3 dot menu in video player stops autoplay in the video player period when the video ends in video player, the phone reverse to the gallery preview and starts playing that again. It's very annoying!

That setting doesn't exist!  And there is no option to pause or stop, and the video progress bar is gone too, and absolutely zero options to restore any of it!!  What idiot software developer ever thought this was a good idea?!?

Hi Lisa. Which Samsung phone are you using? Try this: when the video is playing, tap on the 3 dots > Settings > Off - Auto play next. Let me know if that works.

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