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This site is good, but it needs work?

Under "Features"on the Compare Cell Phones Page there should be an option "Sim Card," or "Unlockable." Also, rather than just being able to select phones that you are interested in and want to compare, you should be able to exclude phones from your selection. Maybe I'm interested in a wide range of phones and would rather pare down my options instead of selecting some 90% of what's available. The plus symbol should change to an "X" for exclusion and to a check-mark for selection, or some other such equivalent symbols.

    Bravo. Indeed. It's a work in process but we are doing our best to keep up to date with rapidly changing information about phones and plans as well as improve the user experience of the site. Appreciate your feature suggestions. We'll certainly consider them for future releases. Hiding results from filtering is something others have brought up.

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