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Where can you get a soaked up cellphone fixed?

after two months of getting my cell phone... i accidently washed it O.O see.. i wanted to wash my coat... so i did.. i put it into the washing machine then the dryer... after.. i opened the dryer's door.. and.. my.. cell phone DROPPED OUT.. i was soooooooo shocked... then i realized that i left my cellphone in my coat pocket >.< ;_; i am suuuuuch and iiidiot >.

but it works. had an older ericson driving along spilled coffee into. soaked it but good. i thought might as well put er on the dash, dry out. stll works great after 7yrs. but i think i may buy a new camera phone this year.

Hey man, I did the same with my Audiovox one time. But all I did is gave it a couple of days to dry out and threw the phone back on the charger with the battery and it still works today. The only thing is I found my phone after the wash. It never made it to dryer so that could be the deciding factor.

I had a different situtation. I accidently left my Sony Ericsson in my pocket while I went swimming last year at a Provincial Park. Of course there was no soap involved. But when I got out I realized and freaked. So I took out the battery and let them both dry for a few days. And it actually worked afterwards. And it still works today (gave it to my younger cousin). Sony Ericsson must test theirs out or something. lol

P.S. good luck and try to clean it out good.

open it up - but don't wash it off with water. that's my advice. get some q-tips and rubbing alcohol. clean up the contacts, reassemble, pray.

good luck.

p.s. the zoom no longer works on that camera that was dropped in beer!

Yea, citru5cyrus is probably right. The water and soap of the washer probably really screwed things up, then baked and tumble dried. yikes.

You have nothing to lose, so why not open the phone up, wash it with tap water and let it air dry. If you can't open it, just soak it and let sit.

A friend had his digi cam dropped in a pint of beer and it still works after it had time to totally dry.

yeh man, i feel for's not worth trying to repair it because all that is still good is prolly your phone casing..all the circuits and everything are possibly fried and needs to be replaced.

Sorry. Look on the bright get a new phone!!

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