What can you do if Rogers changes your plan without notifying you?

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My phone got cut off last week from rogers..when i dialed the automated voice told me i owed 1400 dollars towards my bill. Apparently when i consolidtaed on my all my services ( cell, tv, internet) rogers changed my plan to 1000 evening minutes and 150 weekday. Prior to that change it was unlimited evenings and weekends. I was not notified of this changed nor do i approve seeing that my phone is my main source of communication to the outside world..I called and spoke to the supervisor and she's not budging on changing my plan any one got any ideas to help a brother out during the xmas season?????


bottom line as to customer service treat them like an old friend who can help you and if they don't talk to supervisors and explain to them and tell them your plan with chain letters about their service and see if that helps as last resort. if all else fails do the chain letter on email and move on to new phone place. think if you can attract more flies with honey you can do more with people too and take the time to write down names it does help i am learning that too. put the carrot before the horse and the sugar in front of the customer service rep it may help. they spend tons on advertising and takes a little to pass bad press like a bad chain letter with their name on it. use it wisely and learn to go forward with some tact. they want to know they are workin hard just like you even when they aren't

I have to disagree with you on that! It is definitely NOT the company’s fault! I think the company wants to provide the best service they could possibly have in order to attract customers and thus gain huge amount of profits. I just bought my very first phone and a plan today, and the sales representative messed up big time. He gave me the wrong plan (despite me pointing at the computer screen to the plan I wanted!), spelt my name completely wrong on the receipt (despite that he fact that I gave him my SIN and License to look at!!!), AND did not inform me of my any additional charges or tell me what my first bill was going to look like. AND to top that he told me that "MAYBE" the debit machine was not working and told me to get cash from a bank machine instead.

I must admit that since it was my first time getting a plan I was nervous and did not know what to ask and what to do, but that has got to be the WORST customer service I had ever received. I called Rogers, they told me if I changed my plan now I will lose the 3 months Unlimited Local calling, and recommended me to call them back in March when they will fix it for me.

I know I trailed off but the point is that the company is not at fault for a sales rep that cannot read and type information that is directly in front of him!! Bad customer service is not the company's fault. If anything is their fault it is not properly training their sales rep. ALSO I've worked in sales before and having a bad day is no excuse for bad service. Sales rep are people too, and they have their limits, but that does not excuse everything they do!

Its amazing how one person's experiences with a company can differ so much. I've had issues with Rogers services, yes, but i've always voiced my opinion. It takes time, but it seems to work cause my overall experience with Rogers is higher than the standard. As 'iworkforrogers' said, these are normal people. I don't know if they're underpaid but remember that it's NOT their fault, it's the company's fault. Make sure you make that distinction and you'd be surprised the difference in customer reps' responses. This works in general, but I must say it seems to work better with Rogers than with others.

Rogers are douchebags! They have a tendency to charge my phone about $250 a month and I'm sick of calling to speak to someone and they just say "we cant do anything about it" - i think it's cause i called one of them a c*** and she f'd up my bill

Actually No. Only Rogeers sucks. I have or still used everything celluar company and I only have problems with Rogers. (Cable,Wireless,Internet) and there horrible. You want a good celluar company go with Sears COnnect. The best Coust. Service Reps. Some good companies AMEX, Mastercard, Sears, Telus, Bell. Only Rogers suck because they hire complete morons who don't know anything about the products they sell.

GRANTG----most of all customer service reps suck, no matter the company. They are normal people like u and I, they really don't care what happens to you, they are underpaid and they have bad days. Don't think Rogers is the only cell company with bad customer service....they all suck!

Did I say the President of President Office? "Thats easy..... Just go to the President Office." To list all the problems I had with the Coutomers Service with Rogers will take all night and they are morons. They don't know how to do anything except make you life hell. I'm probley Rogers most loyal coustomer. Here are a few examples of the service I got : $40.00 off my Cell Phone Bill for Text Messages I did not make. (Help from the Presidents Office) 4 month of free Cable including Digital because of the morons at Coutomer Service and problems with Maitnece. That includes other companies. Coustomer Service do nothing because there scare they might lose there job. 99.9% of Coutomer Service agents at Rogers are complete morons.

I worked for a while as a CSR for AT&T wireless. The policy for billing adjustments is as follows: If a customer has had a rate plan change within three months of the dispute, and the new plan is drastically different from the old plan, they should issue credit.

Call them again, and ask them to read to you the notes made by the representative who consolidated your account. If the rep didn't note that they advised you of each and every little thing, you are in the clear. It's your word against theirs.

It is very easy to mis-click and remove features a customer previously had. Also, some reps get a little over zealous and try to help you out by adding features that really don't belong on your account. When the change is made, there appears to be no immediate problem. The problem happens when the automated system called "back fix" goes in and removes non qualifying features. That will also cause huge overages.

When you speak to the rep, you need to have your notes in front of you.
Spell it out, line by line like this:

"Up until X date I had X service plan with X features."
"On X date I consolidated my services and was advised that I was placed on X new plan with X new features."
"I was never advised that my unlimited night and weekend package was being removed."

Oh, and grantg24, those morons in customer service can do a whole lot more for you than the president can. The president and CEO (Nadir Mohamed) never takes inquiries from customers. His schedule simply doesn't allow for it.

Thats easy..... Just go to the President Office. I have had many problems with Rogers and the President Office has always fix them and made it up to me. Avoid those morons who work in Coutomer Service.

I would suggest phoning them again and explaining your situation. The nicer you are to them, the nicer that they will be to you. If you bought your phone from a store, and they have half decent customer service....go to them. Maybe they can call the dealer line for you and they usually can explain things better for you. Good luck!

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