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Why does the radio app in Samsung Galaxy A5 suddenly mute and continues to play when turned off?

There is a bug in samsung galaxy a5 radio app. it just mutes unexpectedly and when I turn off on it continues playing. is anyone having this issue?

I fully understand you. But I think you don't have any other choice.

couldn't find the app in play store. And don't want to install an external one.

Thanks Carl. That's interesting, but I couldn't find that app in play store. And I don't want to install an external apk. And I couldn't find another fm radio in play store either.

Have you considered installing a different FM radio app?

Try this app I found: Link

Hope that helps!

No. Just gave up FM Radio.

That's odd, the radio should stop once you remove the headset. The headset is needed because it acts like the antenna for the FM radio. :)

It's FM Radio, not the internet one.

Just to confirm, are you pertaining to FM radio or internet radio?

Haven't noticed it happening without headset. Usually it happens when I do something in parallel.
Once I did hard reset and tried radio before installing any app. And the problem didn't show. But when I installed some apps it started showing again. Samsung support said it may be due to conflict between some app and radio. If so, how can I identify that app?

How about if you remove the headset, does it continue?

It's the built in Radio 1.0 application.

What radio app are you using? Maybe it's just a glitch in the app.

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