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How to get out of safe mode on the ZTE Savvy?

The words safe mode appear in thr left corner of my ZTE Savvy. it will not go away even after taking out battery and SD card for at least 20 minutes. i think it's affecting other functions of this phone. Not very happy !!?

Try turning it off then turn it on and hold the “up” volume button.

If that still doesn't work, I guess the last option is restoring the phone to factory settings.

I had added Instagram just before it went into safe mode. Unloaded it, took out battery and SD card again and waited. Nope,it's still there and I know it's affecting how other modes of this phone work..I hope to be getting my new phone from them soon. This one is a DUD

Did you install anything before that happened? If you did, uninstall the last app you installed, then turn off the phone for about a minute. Let me know if that works.

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