What to do to free up space in Nokia Lumia 530?

The phone system says its using 2.68gb and total used is 3.04gb so i am running out of storage, even after doing a reset is there a problem?

I have a new Nokia Lumia 530 phone and it's complaining it cannot do a 1.05 GB update several times a day. The OS is already taking 3.32 GB out of 4 GB, so it will NEVER update. I also have a 16 GB SD card that was added at the T-Mobile store. I tell it to store EVERYTHING on the SD card. I moved EVERYTHING I could to the SD card and there is still NOT ENOUGH room to update and EVERY article online I have read in response to this issue so far is not helpful. First, though, wondering why the OS is taking up over 3 GB???? This phone is a chronic headache!!


Happy to know the problem is fixed. Cheers to that!

Thanks, I did all that but after the factory reset it still showed low storage, then after a day it did a "critical update" and all seemed good. I can only think that it hadn't done that before and was looping or there was a bug in the initial set up. So, it seems that a factory reset did the trick after all.

Delete rarely used apps, backup media files to your pc so you can delete it in your phone, and clear browsing data. Hope that helps! :)

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