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Why won't my Alcatel Pixi 4 (4.5) show phone icon when there's an incoming call while I'm texting or online?

The incoming call rings but doesnt show pine icon to slide left or right if i am texting or online. Can I set up short cut buttons like home key to answer and power key to hang up. I'm using an Alcatel pixi 4.5

Hmm. Odd. So nothing on the screen when there's a call? Try installing apps like Phone (link). I'm thinking the preinstalled one is malfunctioning.

No notification bar comes up. Just the rininging. Not disabled no forced block

Thanks. The app isn't disabled or forced stop.

How about a notification on the notification bar about a call? Can you go to Settings > Apps > look for the phone app, make sure it is working and not disabled or force stopped.

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