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tanya sedgwick

Why won't flash turn off on the Huawei P8 Lite?

The flashlight on the back of the phone will not turn off,  I cannot find any thing on the phone  which gives any info about the flashlight  turning on or  off.  It was turned on by mistake    from the screen view camera button?

Problem is one. When in your ale l21 dont have flash light option or this function dont work in this situation should is battery. Replacement this and flashlight back. This operation is very easy. this is video and screen shot "how to"

short press on the right side button...

Hi dear,

i need help i have a huawei G7 andriod phone when i try take picture there is coming an error massage like Turn off the backgroung light like flash light then try again.

I know someone else is going to have this problem so here's the answer.Take the battery out of the phone and get a blow dryer and dry the back of the phone especially in the area where the light is.Do this for about 10 minutes afterwards leave it to air dry for maybe 20  minutes then stick the battery back in and boom  boom's gone!!!!!!!  You will thank me later. Yay!! Annoying light off. (P.S " the stuck light was dew to slight water damage)

my huawei 8 comes on and off i need your help 

Hi can you please help how can i make my huawei p8 lite flashlight flashes when it rings

Hi there. Restart your phone to shut it off. After that, simply download a flashlight app from Google Play store.

Why will the light/flash on my P8 Lite not turn off?

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