How to reactivate the extra volume feature on the Samsung Galaxy Ace II X?

The extra volume feature seems to have gone missing on the Samsun Galazy Ace II x, does anyone know how to reactivate it?


Thanks for the reply!
Do I need to enter in anything after typing in the code above in order to enter the service mode? (say like the equivalent of an enter button on a pc? sorry, not very tech savvy...)

Also, would you know of a way to get the "Extra volume feature and icon" to once again reappear during a call? It seems that the last software update erased this feature.


Hi Vimora. You can try accessing service mode on your phone.

Enter service mode by typing below code on your dialer :

Click the following:

Choose Handset, headset, Speaker (which ever you want higher volume)
[1] SRC Speech RX Volume

Change default values and higher the values any number of your choosing, here is an example:
[0]0_lvl : 68
[1]1_lvl : 72
[2]2_lvl : 76
[3]3_lvl : 80
[4]4_lvl : 84
[5]5_lvl : 88 Higher these values to until hear volume improvement.

Let me know if it works for you.

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