Why does the battery on my Samsung Galaxy Discover only charges to 99% even though it's been on the charger for almost 24 hrs?

I let it die after first usage as you should do with a new phone. The battery only charges to 99% It won't go to 100 even though it's been on the charger for almost 24 hrs with very little use. I'm extremely frustrated. All I wanted out of this phone was texting. I can't go online with it, either.

Please help!

"This is a safety put in place, on some rare occasions you will hit 100% but its made to usually cut off somewhere between 95%-99%. Its designed to stop overcharging. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones that charges that high... Most users report cut offs of 95 or 96. "

"There is nothing wrong with your battery either, from my experience you normally drop fast from 100% to mid to low 90's fast then it levels off."

"It's not an accurate value regardless of whether is says 100% or 99%. Batteries are not like a bucket or a gas tank where you can physically measure the level of the liquid inside. The battery level is determined by an algorithm that is really more of a guess than a physical reading."

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