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What can you say about service providers in Canada other than Telus?

I've had telus for 3 1/2 years now and I honestly have had no problems with them but I'm not too hot on the plans they currently offer (nights are starting at 9pm now, my plan is at 7pm). I'm looking to get a new plan/phone and I'm wondering what anyone has to say about other companies. I've looked into bell and everything seems great but I don't like the idea of call forwarding (don't know if they have a message package). A couple of my friends have had/have Rogers and the reception is s*&t compared to telus (plus their customer service isn't so hot). I'm lost!!!! HELP! :shock:


First Telus is CDMA not TDMA, also......while you were travelling through Sask you were on Rogers network. Fido only has extended coverage because they are using Rogers Sites. Rogers purchased Fido thus giving Fido a larger footprint. This is all good for Fido/Rogers, just like Clearnet you may see your Fido change name to Rogers.
If you had a good dealer for your Telus phone you should not have had poor customer service. Just remember the service starts with the Dealer. :wink:

I recently switched to FIDO from Telus because I was fed up with shoddy customer service from Telus, and higher long distance rates. I'm very happy with FIDO service in Winnipeg, and the flexibility of the GSM phones (I can take my FIDO phone overseas) vice the limitations of TDMA with Telus. After travelling to Saskatchewan last weekend, compared signals enroute, as my Telus phone is still activated. The FIDO phone, consistantly had a stronger signal. I did opt for the extended coverage on the FIDO ( an extra $5/month), or free if you sign up for a monthly service package.
Bottom Line is, I switched because of consistantly bad customer service from Telus, and I'll not go back to Telus because of better prices and reception with FIDO.

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