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Where can you buy cheap Telus phones?

I need a phone to go with an existing telus contract. Nothing fancy... I heard pacific mall in toronto is a good place to get cheap phones... Anyone have any recommendations for other places or online stores?

I need a phone for existing telus plan asap ..I live in Hanover ontario

Are you still looking for used Telus phone?

Hope I can get help I need to purchase a cheep telus cell phone I just got my Iphone like 3 weeks ago and it got stolen hope someone can help me to get a cheep phone

Come to think of it, Branden has one too. Ha! Branden probably has some really old beaters he could sell you, heh Branden?

Are you still looking for a handset? I have a Samsung T300 I'd be willing to let go for 50 bucks. It is a TELUS phone and I have the adapter with it. Perfect working condition.

there are the usual sources for used products where you can probably find a good used phone.

- Bargain Finder (or buy sell and trade)
- Craigslist

A few things to consider when buying a used phone for the Telus network.

1. It must be a phone that uses CDMA technology.
2. Make sure you get a written bill of sale from the owner that includes the electronic serial number (11 digits or 8 hexa-decimals from back of phone). The phone could either be stolen, or still connected to a contract. If that is the case, then Telus will not allow you to use it without a proper bill of sale. Its actually probably safer to give Telus a call and read them the ESN to confirm its clear for usage.

I am sure that Ebay or your local bargain finder will give you plenty of choices.

Good Luck.

For mike we have some i530's, how cheap do you want the phone for Telus to be? We have some for $50-75 - but nothing toooo fancy... lol

i also need a telus phone for existing account - since I have an account I cannot get a cheap phone as da_w mentioned. any idea out there how to get a used one for an existing telus account?

well if your gonna buy a telus phone u should go to a telus store they might give u a discount for your plan and you will probally get $75-$100 dicount

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