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Is Telus and Fido really merging?

Telus=Fido Merging? (

anybody else heard of this news? =/

Honestly though..IF fido does get bought out by other telus or rogers...most likely telus...i can see everyone go to bell eventhough it's CDMA..cuz of the coverage....people usually go for no contracts or is out the door, telus is too harsh on contracts and not the best coverage..bell...for edmontont should be cool..

- Cyrus

That post made it a bit easier for me to understand...
Thanks spencer....

Been following this merger, too:

The share purchase bid is open until June 22, 2004.

Our observations: A couple of years back Telus bought out Clearnet, another PCS provider (like Fido-MicroCell). Clearnet offered excellent service and snappy coverage (at least in Urban areas). Since the buy-out though, we have encountered busy signals when trying to dial the Telus-Clearnet # during rush hour. Also customer service is definitely lacking.

We're shopping for a new provider. Due to this merger news w/ Telus we've ruled out Fido as an option. Interesting that Sprint Canada has an existing partnership with Fido, though!

"rins said:
Telus=Fido Merging? (

anybody else heard of this news? =/"


Telus offered them $1.1 Bil...

But it's pointless...
They run in a totally different system

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