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Kathie Purves

What is the Kobo contact number for support?

Telephone number for live koboglo user help?

For the past few months I have not been able to get my "glo" onto my desktop computer in order to read any or all books. Can this be corrected? I like to use it while charging the Kobo Glo.

Peter Gallagher
Peter Gallagher
Why does my ebook pages keep scrolling backwards I a have a Kobo Arc, I cannot read it it, how do I fix this piece of crap???

Why can't I access books on my laptop without wifi? I was under the impression that once books were downloaded that they were always accessible (as they are on my iPad)

when I try to buy a book & tap confirm a box opens saying" Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later." I keep trying & the same message appears. What gives??

John W Ritter

I have just ordered two books the last couple of days and have been charged to my account but I haven't received both orders. This will be the third time. Frustrating!

Thank you, John W Ritter

i just bought a kobo from a friend tried to set it up and it is showing locked screen how do i fix it

I paid for The Darkening Skies and still not been downloaded. Why and who can I get in touch with?

anita ciszewski
anita ciszewski

will not accept my e mail or my pass word

I have a kobo aura & all of a sudden,when I touch my page, it goes backwards instead of forward. When I touch the middle of the screen , my home button pops up.i then go to the bottom of my page & the 2 arrows at the bottom, I touch them & nothing happens. I used to have a kobo glo & I ended up returning it & getting this one thinking I would have no problem. Guess what I have a problem.

My kobo won't wake up when I slide the bar to the right and release. What to do next?


How can I archive or delete a book on my Kobo Glo?

Heather Brown

Kobo Glo - when I last charged and loaded books, screen has remained blank with the 5 small squares blinking, then has stopped completely. How do I rectify this? Have tried to reboot but no luck.


What number can I contact to find out why my kobo touch is not holding it's battery charge for as long as it did before. it is only 10 months old. thanks

elinor peasley
elinor peasley

why am i unable to buy a book been trying to buy sylvia day stranger i married for days and wont let me could you give me a phone number to call for help

I have had my Kobo Vox for a year now and love it, recently it won't allow me to connect to my wifi, what can I try?

I have a kobo glo and when I get about 75 pages into a book it seems to take forever to turn the page why is this? I have only had my kobo glo since christmas.

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