Is it possible for Telus to give the Motorola KRZR in exchange of a defective LG 8100?

I have a LG8100 and i want to get the new Motorola krzr is there anyway i can switch my plan onto that phone. I want to change phones because my 8100 is acting up and keeps rebooting and the software is refusing to send messages and such until i restart it. Well telus just let me exchange? This is the Second lg 8100 i have had and it does the same thing.

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No you cannot do this unless there is something wrong with your phone, then you have 30 days from the purchase date, and really its up to the dealership to allow a return on a used phone. this post is old maybe this person got a new phone.

You probably have to contact Telus and see what their return policy and exchange policy is on a phone that just isn't working. I know that if you buy a new phone from Telus you certainly can transfer your plan onto that new phone but if you can exchange one phone for another or that kind of thing I don't know and its probably best to talk to Telus about it. If you just phone in make sure you get the person's name that helped you and even their extension, just so that everything is clear when you go into the store.

You can definitely move your plan onto a new KRZR. If you mean if you can do an exchange for a faulty unit, that depends on how long ago you got the 8100, and the return policy. But when looking to replace a phone, its never a problem to transfer your plan from one phone to another.

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