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oscar galleguillos

How to stop automatic payments to Chatr?

How can I stop my automati paiement, bscause I'm right now in Chile

Accepted Answer

If you would like to stop the chatr auto-pay preauthorized payment service, you can do so by calling into chatr wireless Customer Care (*611 from your chatr wireless phone - a free call) or by dropping by one of  Chatr wireless kiosks all over Canada.

If you were eligible for our chatr auto-pay enrollment bonus credit, the bonus payments will stop upon de-enrollment from chatr auto-pay for any monthly credits remaining.


Almost impossible to cancel my auto payment. There is nowhere on their website that explains or gives you the option to do so. Really frustrating. I was on the phone for 30 minutes and no one answered it just hung up. I am trying again. Hopefully this time it will work. It's like they make it so hard to cancel that you abandon and pay. Not happening, I am just growing very frustrated. 

i am in India, want to suspend my monthly auto payment.

Tim Kenneth Fung
Tim Kenneth Fung

How to stop auto payment with Chat-r?

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