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How to stop LG A380 from announcing caller name whenever receiving one?

If a phone call comes in and the flip phone is opened a voice announces the incoming call with a name and/or phone number. The announcement is muting the ringtone volume, even at its highest setting. How do I eliminate the announcement so all I hear is the ringtone and possibly change it to display the same information on my screen?

I have tried all the suggested steps. Unchecked existing and rechecked desired mode. I hope it works. Seems to only do that on incoming Unknown calls.

I tried what [ mandi_16441 ] suggested, but it doesn't work for me. Any other suggestions? Help .. ANYBODY !!!

A thousand thank yous! I called AT&T TWICE at "611", and each time they could not permanently fix this problem. I am curious as to how you figured this out. I am 61, but pretty comfortable with tech.

I hope the nitwits at AT&T read this!

I had the same question. I just got the phone August 1st, 2015 and I've had this problem since around Dec 15th, 2015. AT&T is my phone provider. I called AT&T and their "solution" worked for one day and then I still have the same ANNOYING problem!

Oh, BTW, I have the problem even when the Flip Phone is closed. About 10 minutes ago, I just put my phone on Silent in about 6 different places in the Menus. Let's see if that works!

If you go to settings, then accessibility, then voice command, then call alert, you can select ring only.

Try disabling AT&T DriveMode. Also try going to Settings > Accessibility > TTS(Text-to Speech), check if this is enabled. If it is try disabling it and see that stops the problem.

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