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How much is the total cost of Sprint’s basic combo plan?

i was wondering what the final cost of sprint's $44.95 basic combo plan is? i know there is a system access fee and taxes. so what is the bottom line???

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No compnay owns a phone once you buy it, and you don't have to get a 2 year contract if you do want one, its like every other compnay. however without the 2 year contract you won't get the $150.00 of the regular price of the phone you choose.

After 2 year contract is up, you will have forked out $1280.00, after your grace period of 30 days is up you have to pay or will be billed 900 dollars to buy out of contract or cancel service. BTW Sprint owns the phone after contract period is over, unless you keep going with sprint they will bill you for phone/s cost if not returned, or returned in unexeceptable condition. I hope you like :twisted: Sprint :twisted: , they do have pretty good coverage and customer service---if you like to be leashed.

$44.95------Basic Service
$01.15------System access fee
$00.50------Emergency Service
$53.34------Monthly Cost (not includiing roaming charges if travelling out of country)

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