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Why is my HTC Wildfire always on speakerphone when receiving a call?

I have the HTC wildfire and a few weeks ago it just decided to always be on speaker phone. If i call someone or they call me it always goes to speaker and then i have to try to get it off. I cant find any setting that allows you to stop this. I assuse this is a handsfree thing but i just want to fix it. Hep Please

Try to remember if you have previously installed an application that could possibly have triggered this action. Another possible explanation is that this is a firmware bug. Other Android users have also experienced the same issue with their phones. Not only those that use HTC but also Samsung and Sony users as well.

What you can do:
1. Try to reset your phone and see if the same issue occurs.
2. Upgrade your firmware.
3. As a last resort, do a factory reset. Just remember to backup your data before doing so. Good luck!

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