What to do if you accidentally delete SMS icon in Xiaomi Redmi Note?

I have accidently deleted SMS icon in my xiaomi note 4G, please help... not able to send messages?

I have lost my camera icon from home screen and how can i add this icon? Pliz solve it..

It has simply vanished from phone, not in drawer, not in Widgets in drawer, not in any folders... the same thing happened on Sunday, it started working after I deleted SMS Backup and Restore App and removed it from default apps for Messaging. Today messaging shows default, and still no sign of app. Really frustrating. IN fact, today morning I downloaded update and it did not install as well. If MI doesn't know how to set interface right, simply let us use Android defaults. Disgraceful.

I have message icon in MI2 prime. How to add icon again on desktop. Please send the steps to recover the icon

xiaomi redmi 1s camera icon and gallery icon is missing pleas help not able to take photo

Usually you just open the app drawer and touch and hold the SMS icon to bring it to homescreen. Try it! :)

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