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Bhoopesh sisoudiya

How to fix Flash player may be out of date error on the Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 525?

Sir, My lumia 620 and lumia 525 create problem ,as i search any page example-facebook,google,any website . Then show message Warning that your 'Flash Palayer 'may be out of date ,please install it . please give me solution?

My nokia lumia 525 bought two days ago. When use phone as net browse and game, its back side become hot around camera. is it. Major problem?

I got the same problem with my nokia lumia 525.
When i use wifi or my gprs i got same message like flash player is not up to date

Hi, apparently this is a problem with your network, not with any of your devices. Based on my research, the only way to really get rid of this problem is by performing a quick router reset. Just press the reset button on your router to initiate the process. Keep in mind that this will take your router settings back to default state, so if you have changed anything like your network name or put a custom network password, you may have to specify everything all over again. If you need further assistance with this info, you should contact your ISP.

You can also check this guide here for some background info on this network problem:

Hope you manage to fix this soon!

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