How much is the security deposit for Koodo Mobile phones?

what is the usual security deposit amount for the Koodo Mobile phones?


If you want to get service with Koodo, no security deposit is required. In order to be a Koodo customer you need to be of legal age. If it is not the case, an adult can open the account (account responsible) and you can appear as a subscriber. You can activate the phone and perform the credit check at a Koodo Kiosk/Retail partner:

You will need to provide:
• Full legal name
• Current address (If less than 2 years at the present address, previous address is also required)
• Contact phone numbers
• Date of birth
• Photo identification if activating at a retailer or kiosk

Plus any two of the following:
• Permanent/Temporary Canadian Social Insurance Number (optional, but preferred)
• Canadian major credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express)
• Canadian Driver's license

Once you have a Koodo phone, you can activate it directly from the Koodo kiosk or the activating retail partners. Here are Koodo's activating retail partners: Best Buy, Cellular Point, Dumoulin, Future Shop, London Drugs, and Wal-Mart.

what i dont have a good credit can i be with koodo?...and wat is the procedures

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