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Austin Bricker

How to turn off screenshot sound on the ZTE ZMAX?

How do I turn screenshot sound off?

Hello this is me M.Q I want to turn off my sound when I take a screenshot but it don't work maybe just maybe you all will be able to help me ring what's the problem

How can i turn of the camera recording sound of my ZTE phone

If you don't care about the sound then why are you guys responding. The whole point of this post is to figure out how to turn the sound off. If you don't know the answer to our question , or dont mind the sound then simply don't respond.

I don't care about the screenshot sound I care about the sound my phone makes when I'm about to record. I don't want to hear that sound every to like I want to record something even if I put it in silent mode it doesn't work. There should be an option if u wanted that sound on there or not.

Same problem, cant take a decent pic on Instagram or Snapchat without that annoying sound, there Isn't a setting found in the phone to disable this unpleasant sound. Some one help...

In my opinion, it doesn't matter if screenshot does have sound, it's not like you're gonna spam it or use it a lot. But that's just me. Anyway, if your phone is rooted, just install screenshot apps from Google Play store, pretty sure those can easily be silenced.

Hello I have the same problem. Silent mode is on 'Mute' setting but I still get a screenshot sound.

Screenshot sound should be off once you put your phone in silent mode.

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