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How to bypass lock of Nokia Lumia 635?

Screen locked - says try again in 415321 minutes?

  • Nokia Lumia 635Nokia Lumia 635

Hi Jane. I think the only thing you can do there is reset the phone. It'll restore the phone to factory settings and delete all your saved files there.

1. Turn off the phone
2. Press and hold the Volume Down key
3. While holding Volume Down, press the Power key to turn the phone on. Release Power when the phone vibrates but continue to hold Volume Down
4. When the exclamation mark appears on the display, release Volume Down.
5. Press the following keys in order. Nothing will change on the screen while entering the sequence of buttons.key.
- Press the Volume Up key.
- Press the Volume Down key.
- Press the Power button.
- Press the Volume Down key.
6. The phone will automatically reset.
7. During the reset, two gears rotate on the display for up to 5 minutes, after which the display goes blank for about 30 seconds.

Again, let me remind you that this will erase all your saved files in the phone.

Hope that helps.

My screen cracked and I am unable to load my unlock screen passcode below the crack. I don't have my voicemail password to check messages from outside.

Is there any other way I can unlock to obtain new passcode to voicemail?

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